Can I book a cleaning for a vacation rental?

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Of course! We love helping our vacation rental owning customers.

We know that having a quality cleaning plays a big part in you receiving a great rating from your vacation rental property guests. Please review our vacation rental cleaning guidelines to see if we are a good fit for what you are looking for:

Vacation Rental Defined

The property must qualify as a vacation rental in order to be booked as a vacation rental cleaning. This means the property must meet the following conditions, otherwise, the appointment should be set up as a regular or standard cleaning:

  • Has frequent guests that stay on average 1 to 10 days.
  • Does not include properties where guests stay for prolonged periods of time (book this type of property with a standard or deep cleaning)

Overview of a Vacation Rental cleaning

  1. Customize the cleaning checklist to meet your property's needs. This can include cleaning, tidying up, on-site laundry, and changing linens.
  2. Background checked cleaners for your assurance.
  3. By request, photos of completed work can be provided after each cleaning.
  4. Vacation Rental appointments are usually managed with a solo cleaner, however, teams of two cleaners can be scheduled for larger vacation rental properties that require more labor hours to complete.
  5. If there is a refrigerator or pantry for guest use, please declare if you want any and all remaining food products from guests to be thrown away during the cleaning.

Pricing for Vacation Rental cleanings

  1. Cleanings are booked on an hourly rate basis with a minimum of two hours.
  2. The time needed to fully complete your cleaning will depend on the size of the property and the extent of your cleaning checklist requirements.
  3. It is your responsibility to select enough time to complete your requested cleaning checklist. Selecting too little time will leave you without a fully completed cleaning.

How much time to select for your Vacation Rental cleaning

  1. We recommend the following guidelines, at a minimum, for your initial cleaning:
    ➔ Average/Good Condition
    ◆ Standard: 60 mins/1000 sq/ft for team or 90 mins/1000 sq/ft for solo.
    ◆ Deep: 90 mins/1000 sq/ft for team or 120 mins/1000 sq/ft for solo.

    ➔ Heavy Duty
    ◆ Standard: 90 mins/1000 sq/ft for team or 120 mins/1000 sq/ft for solo.
    ◆ Deep: 120 mins/1000 sq/ft for team or 150 mins/1000 sq/ft for solo.

What happens if you don't book enough time?

If you do not book enough time, you may be left without a complete cleaning. To be safe we recommend estimating for more time than less.

  1. Example: If you book for 2.5 labor hours (the required minimum) but the cleaning requires additional time to be completed, the result will be an incomplete cleaning. You will receive 2.5 labor hours of cleaning, but because you only booked for 2.5 labor hours the cleaner will stop the service as scheduled and continue to the next customer's appointment.

Laundry & Linen Changing:

The rules about laundry service and linen changing are as follows:

➔ No laundry service can be provided if the only machines available are coin-operated, even if the change is going to be left for the provider.

➔ No laundry service can be provided if the machines are off-site. In-unit laundry only.

➔ Clothing wash and fold can be provided for a limited scope: No more than two loads and no putting away of the items in closets, bureaus, etc.

➔ No ironing whatsoever - not of clothing or linens.

➔ If linens and towels only are to be washed and dried, the providers must be told where these items are to be placed.

➔ If beds are to have the linens changed, the client must inform the providers where to find fresh linens and where to place the soiled linens.

  • ◆ If the soiled linens are to be washed and there is an alternate set available to make the beds immediately, the client must indicate if they expect the providers to wait for the final load to complete its dry-cycle.

➔ Linens and Towels service that requires washing, drying, and folding/stowing or remaking of beds with the same linens will be charged as follows:

  • ◆ 1-2 Loads: One (1) additional hour added to a two-hour cleaning. (3 hour min)
  • ◆ 3 Loads: Two (2) additional hours added to a two-hour cleaning. (4 hour min)
  • ◆ 4 Loads: Three (3) additional hours added to a two-hour cleaning. (5 hour min)
  • ◆ 5+ Loads: Case-by-case basis.

What happens if you book too much time?

If you book too much time, the rate would be adjusted and you would be billed only for the time spent for your cleaning, down to but not below the minimum charge of two hours.

  1. Example 1: if you book for 3.5 labor hours and it only took 3.0 labor hours of cleaning, your bill would be based on the actual cleaning time
  2. Example 2: If you booked for 3.0 labor hours and the cleaning took labor 2.0 hours, your bill would be based on the minimum charge.

Our online booking form is not yet fully automated for vacation rental cleanings, so feel free to email or call us if you are interested in booking or if you have additional questions.

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