Excluded Services and Appointment Restrictions

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Review the following guidelines prior to booking to make sure your cleaning requirements do not conflict with the following appointment restrictions and exclusions. This is not an exhaustive list and only services as an example. Please use common sense

Excluded Services (not offered)

  • Surface restoration (fixing or repairing surfaces)
  • Permanent stain removal (tubs, showers, or floors that have years of build up and staining will not be 100% renewed after cleaning)
  • Removal of significant hard water build up (when damage is likely to occur)
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Grout cleaning (with grout machinery)
  • Black mold
  • Clutter pickup
  • Trash hauling
  • Heavily soiled areas
  • Pet Waste
  • Human Waste
  • Biohazards materials (blood, feces, etc)
  • Exterior windows
  • Extermination services
  • Bug infested homes
  • Ceilings
  • Washing walls (due to potential to harm paint)
  • Washing light fixtures
  • Electronics (TVs, game consoles, computers, etc)
  • Surfaces that cannot be reached with a 2-step ladder
  • Moving furniture
  • Lifting items heavier than 20 lbs
  • If a surface is not listed in the standard cleaning checklist then assume the surface is not included in a cleaning

Appointment Restrictions

  • A cleaning will not take place if there are other professional services in the home, such as movers, plumbers, painters, carpet cleaners, or any other professional service. The appointment will be canceled and a $100 late cancelation fee will be charged.
  • Bug infestations will result in a canceled appointment and a late cancellation fee of $100.
  • No access to the home will result in a canceled appointment and late cancellation fee of $100.

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