What is a "heavy duty" cleaning?

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A heavy duty service includes the same checklist that you booked, but for home conditions that require more attention, supplies, and time.

Heavy-duty is included for homes that have not been professionally cleaned in 2 or more months, have pet hair build-up, or build-up on bathroom, kitchen, or floor surfaces. This add-on should also be included for any other unusual condition.

A heavy-duty cleaning does not include cleaning items or surfaces on our "excluded surfaces" list. Some of these items include pet waste, feces, black mold, bugs, rot, etc. Extreme conditions are not covered in any service. If you are uncertain whether the condition of your home qualifies for service, please contact us with your questions.

When you choose a Heavy Duty cleaning, you will be sent an immediate questionnaire that gives required insight for the provider concerning the conditions they may encounter in the space.

We do not attend any Heavy Duty cleaning sight unseen. Your questionnaire will invite you to upload photos of the areas being addressed. Any appointment without photos submitted at least two (2) days in advance will be automatically cancelled with no charge to you.

For more details or to view the questionnaire, please click HERE.

Please note:  There are times where our cleaners may arrive to a home and assess that the home needs a heavy duty cleaning upgrade to tackle the above mentioned issues.  While this upgrade is optional, the absence of it can lead to a service being cancelled as the home's condition was not properly described or, should services continue, we cannot extend our guarantee that the clean will be to 100% satisfaction and cannot provide reclean/refunds to areas that were identified as needing a heavy duty cleaning add-on.

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