Can my online quote change?

Updated 1 year ago by Jason

Yes, your quote can change!

The good news is, if you completed your booking with accurate information regarding your home, there is little reason for your quote to change. That's because a quote change is typically only needed when a customer booked a cleaning with inaccurate property details or inccurate condition details. Please remember, a quote is a quote based on the information you provided! If that information is wrong, the quote will change.

The following circumstances may lead to a quote adjustment:

  • You provided incorrect property details while booking your appointment. This may include incorrect square footage, number of bedrooms, or number of bathrooms in the home. It may also include if you forgot to include the option detailing there are pets in the home.
  • The condition of the home requires more work than the average home. This means the home has not been regularly kept up or cleaned for a period of time. This includes buildup on surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchens. This would also include staining in tubs, showers, toilets, floors, sinks, etc. Additional time, effort, and materials are needed to clean surfaces in this condition and the quote may be adjusted accordingly.
Don't assume all services are included in a quote. Be sure to read through the cleaning checklists, add-on service, and excluded service to make sure you understand what can be included in a service.

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