What are add-on services and how do they work?

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Add-on services are extra services you can include in your cleaning to make your cleaning fit your needs.

Note: each cleaning includes the standard cleaning checklist, add-on services can be included to customize the cleaning to meet your needs.

Here are a few examples of how you can use the add-on services to book the cleaning you need:

If you want a standard cleaning PLUS inside the fridge and oven
  • Include the inside fridge and inside oven add-on for your service
If you want to book a move in/out cleaning
  • Review the add-on services you need for your move in or move out cleaning.
  • Often times move in/out cleanings are booked to include inside fridge, inside oven, inside cabinets, inside drawers and, depending on the condition of the home, may also include the wet wipe blinds, wet wipe baseboards, and heavy duty cleaning add-on services.
If you want a deep cleaning
  • You can include the wet wipe baseboards and wet wipe blinds add-ons for a deeper cleaning
  • You can also include other add-ons depending on your needs, such as inside fridge, inside oven, interior windows, etc.
To add these services to your cleaning, use our online booking form and select the appropriate add-ons services. If you have already booked a cleaning and would like to include an add-on service to your appointment, please email us by replying to your booking confirmation email or give us a call.

Summary of Add-On Services (and exclusions)

Inside Fridge: Includes cleaning inside the fridge and freezer compartments for one fridge. A fridge that is overly packed, frozen over, or has mold growing in it will not be cleaned and the charge for the add-on will be removed from the service price.

Inside Oven: Includes cleaning inside one oven.

Interior Windows: Includes the interior cleaning of windows that can be reached with a 2-step stool.

Inside Cabinets / Drawers: Get the inside of your cabinets and drawers cleaned! For this add-on, cabinets and drawers must be empty prior to cleaning. If cabinets and drawers contain personal items they will not be completed.

Wet Wipe Baseboards: A standard cleaning includes dusting of baseboards, which works great for most cleanings! But if your baseboards have extra dirt built up, select this add-on to have the cleaners wipe your baseboards down.

Wet Wipe Blinds: A standard cleaning includes dry dusting blinds which works great for most cleanings. But if your blinds have dust build up select this add-on to have them wet-wiped during your cleaning ***NOTE: Vertical blinds are not included in this add-on and will not be cleaned due to their high risk of damage. Cotton, aluminum, and other thin metal blinds are not included in this add-on service and will not be cleaned. Blinds that have a build up of grease, oil, or smoke residue will not be cleaned.

Heavy Duty: A heavy duty cleaning is the same checklist as a standard cleaning, but it is included for home conditions that require more attention, supplies, and time. This add-on is included for homes that have not been professionally cleaned in 3 months, have pet hair build up, or buildup on bathroom, kitchen, or floor surfaces. This add-on should also be included for any other unusual condition. A heavy duty cleaning does not include cleaning items or surfaces on our "excluded surfaces" list. Some of these items include pet waste, feces, black mold, bugs, rot, etc. Extreme conditions are not covered in any service. If you are uncertain whether the condition of your home qualifies for service, please contact us with your questions.

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