Should I leave a tip?

Updated 1 year ago by Jason

Does the cleaning quote include tip?

The price for a cleaning does not include a tip, however, tipping is not required and the Service Professionals do not expect a gratuity for the service delivered but if you feel inclined to tip they of course would be appreciative of any gratuity.

Should I leave a tip?

Tipping is completely up to you, but please know that the cleaners do not expect a gratuity for the service delivered.  It is estimated that about 20% to 30% of customers leave a tip.

If you are happy with your cleaning and would like to leave a tip for the cleaner(s), tips can be given as cash at the time of service or can be added to your credit card payment via a request by text, phone, or email. No matter how you leave a tip, cleaners keep 100% of tips.

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