Can I book a post construction cleaning?

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Post Construction cleaning guidelines:

Please review the post construction cleaning guidelines prior to booking an appointment:

Pricing for Post Construction cleaning

  1. Cleanings are billed starting at $100/hr for a team of two cleaners ($50/hr per labor hour).
  2. There is a minimum charge of $200 for a post-construction cleaning (this equates to 2 cleaners for 2 hours). In practice, however, we find most post-construction cleanings fall between 6-8 hours of service to be done properly.
  3. The time needed to fully completed your cleaning will depend on the size of the property and the condition of the home.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot perform a post-construction cleaning if there are other service providers operating in the home simultaneously. Additionally, you must have electricity and running/hot water on all floors as well as heat/AC available in the appropriate months.
It is your responsibility to select enough time to complete your post construction cleaning. Selecting too little time will leave you with an incomplete cleaning.

How much time to select for your Post Construction cleaning

We recommend the following minimum times for a post construction cleaning:

Here is a good rule of thumb (though there is always room for surprise) for typical cleaning averages:

➔ Average/Good Condition

◆ Standard: 60 mins/1000 sq/ft for team or 90 mins/1000 sq/ft for solo.

◆ Deep: 90 mins/1000 sq/ft for team or 120 mins/1000 sq/ft for solo.

➔ Heavy Duty

◆ Standard: 90 mins/1000 sq/ft for team or 120 mins/1000 sq/ft for solo.

◆ Deep: 120 mins/1000 sq/ft for team or 150 mins/1000 sq/ft for solo.

All recommendations above are only recommendations and does not guarantee that the recommended time is enough for your cleaning. The amount of time you need will vary depending on the size and condition of your home. We encourage you to contact us if you are uncertain about the amount of time you should book for.

What happens if I don't book enough time?

If you do not book enough time, you may be left without a complete cleaning. To be safe we recommend booking for more time rather than booking for less time.

Example: If you book for 2.5 hours with a team of two cleaners hours but the cleaning requires additional time to be completed, the result will be an incomplete cleaning. You will still receive 2.5 hours of cleaning from the team (5 labor hours), but because you only booked for 2.5 hours the team will stop the cleaning, as you scheduled, and continue on to the next customer's appointment.

What happens if I book too much time?

If you book too much time, the rate would be adjusted and you would be billed only for the time spent for your cleaning, down to but not below the minimum charge of $200.

  1. Example 1: if you book for 3.5 hours with a team of two cleaners and it only took 3.0 hours of cleaning for the team, your bill would be based on the actual cleaning time of 3.0 hours.
  2. Example 2: If you booked for 2.0 hours with a team of two cleaners hours and the cleaning took 1.5 hours, your bill would be based on the minimum charge of $170.

General Post-Construction Rules

➔ The construction must be completed. No exceptions.

➔ All items associated with the construction must be removed such as drop cloths, taping, boxes, supplies/paints, etc.

➔ All paint, spackle, mud, grout, and any other potentially curing/setting/wet items must be completely dry and safe to touch.

➔ Realistically a minimum of 6-8 hours to clean a space where major construction/renovation has been completed.

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