CLEANING CHECKLISTS: What is the difference between Standard / Deep / Move In-Out / Heavy Duty Cleanings?

Updated by Patrick Tracy

At Queen of Maids, we offer three levels of service for your home that are designed to suit the most common needs for home cleanings. Our Standard, Deep, and Move In/Out services are best described with the checklist below:

But What About Heavy Duty?

Heavy duty is an extra service that may be added for a home that needs a little extra care, such as staining in tubs/showers/toilets, hard scaling on shower doors, and other items. We are still able to provide a cleaning for these homes, but due to the extra time that will be needed to clean these areas, there is an additional cost that is added to the service.

Our teams are equipped to handle most situations, but some examples of heavy duty tasks that cannot provide service for are:

  • Human or pet waste
  • Mold
  • Excessive personal effects in the home that prevent services (such as laundry, garbage, etc.)
  • Bug infestations

When Heavy Duty is selected during the booking phase, a questionnaire is sent as a follow up to help us determine the condition the home is in so that our team can come to home with the items necessary to complete the task at hand. If our team arrives to a home and discovers items that would require a heavy duty service to fully clean, a Queen of Maids team member will reach out to you on their behalf.

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