Cleaning Checklists!

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Read through and compare the different types of cleaning checklists you can book to make sure you get the cleaning you need!

Standard vs Deep vs Move Out

The cleaning checklist is color-coded to show what is included for each cleaning.

  • The Standard checklist includes grey checklist items.

  • The Deep checklist includes both grey and blue items.

  • The Move Out checklist includes grey, blue, and orange checklist items.

  • Add-on Services are extra services that can be combined with a standard, deep, or move out cleaning at an additional price. Not all add-ons services are available for each type of cleaning.

  • The Excluded Services shows what services or conditions are not covered in any type of cleaning.

Hourly Cleaning Checklists

  • An hourly cleaning can be customized to fit your needs. Simply customize your checklist by adding notes in the notes section below and by selecting the amount of cleaning hours you want for your service.
  • For homes with "heavy-duty" conditions or "needs extra love and attention" and looking for a partial home cleaning -- please call for a customized hourly quote.

Vacation Rental Cleanings

  • A vacation rental cleaning can be customized to fit your property's needs. View the vacation rental checklist and customize it by adding notes in the note section below. Select the amount of cleaning hours you need for your property's cleaning checklist.

Post Construction Cleanings

  • A post-construction cleaning is for new construction homes or homes that have had recent remodeling. This type of cleaning is set as an hourly cleaning. Detail your cleaning needs in the notes section below. We recommend at least 3 labor hours per 1,000 sq feet for a post-construction cleaning.

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